Rebecca is dedicated to Chicago, and will work hard to create safe, strong communities

Rebecca has committed herself to public service, and once in office, she will only work harder to make her community and neighborhood a better place to live


Strong Education

Rebecca will bring her years of experience from the Chicago Public School System and her work in the Local School Council board of Ray Elementary and Kenwood Academy to create safer, stronger, better schools across the city. Increasing education funding brings down crime rates, increases productivity, and makes the community a better, safer place to live.

Fully Funded Pensions

City employees should receive the pensions they have been promised. To demonstrate her commitment to balancing Chicago's budget, Rebecca  will join the growing ranks of lawmakers who refuse to vote pensions for themselves. The problem is not pensions; Pensions are key to protecting working people.  The problem is lawmakers voting themselves extravagant pensions from other people's money.

Fair tax plan

Tax Increment Financing Districts known as TIFs reduce Chicago's tax revenues by over $70 Million Dollars. Proposing to create additional TIFs to reward successful developers for undertaking projects they expect to profit from would be a bad idea, even if the city did not need the money for basic services. 

Safe Communities

The spike in robberies in the 43rd ward must be addressed.  Residents including business owners and condo associations are already spending significant funds on safety. Better coordination and communication would mean that the money is more effectively used. No neighborhood, however well situated,  can safely say that protecting residents and visitors is only a problem for other communities.

Public safety also includes managing construction thoughtfully with clearly marked pedestrian pathways and enforcement of noise restrictions. Public passages including the entrances to El stops should not be obstructed by aggressive panhandling.  Street teams should be deployed to help connect people in need to services that prepare them to find supportive housing.  Kindness can be cost effective.


Better Chicago

Rebecca believes that Chicago doesn’t work for anyone until it works for everyone. She is committed to creating a better, more responsive city government. If elected, she will run a full service ward office, dedicated to helping everyone who lives in her neighborhood.


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